French restaurant hortensia at Azabu-Juban, Tokyo

March 31, 2012New Champagne By The Glass!


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CATEGORY RECENT ENTRIES (最近の記事) 2012.03.31New Champagne By The Glass! 2012.03.27Review from The New York Times 2012.03.14New Wine!

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One of the very best producers in the region, Champagne, crafting a classic style "Blanc de Blancs". 
Beautiful minerarity and bright acidity that are well balanced 
with creamy richness and complex mushroomy aromas & flavors.
It has everything you would expect from a fine Champagne. Precision and finesse are the words
that are constantly popping up in my mind.
We start serving this great Champagne by the glass in April.

Diebolt Vallois "Blanc de Blancs Brut Prestige", Champagne 

Kaz Chiba
Head Sommelier
We are introduced by The New York Times with a great review!

New Wine!

2012 03


I was very fortunate to encounter this wine again that had been sold out recently.
And as a matter of fact, this wine was "My Wine of The Year 2011!"
1998 was considered as a bad vintage because of El Nino. But you never know
until you open it! Voila, it turned out to be a very elegant and complex wine, being reminiscent of
a classic Bordeaux with no lack of finesse!

Anderson's Conn Valley "Eloge" 1998 Napa Valley, California

Kaz Chiba
Head Sommelier
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